The cost of refinishing is considerably less than the cost of replacement.

Armour Bathtub Refinishing has been in the resurfacing industry for 35 years.

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Armour Bathtub Refinishing offers homeowners, property managers, hotels, motels, resorts and contractors a low cost, yet long lasting alternative to other bathroom makeovers and repairs. We service Grimsby, Stoney Creek, Hamilton and the Niagara Region.

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Save on Costs

The cost of refinishing plumbing fixtures and tiles is considerably less than the cost of replacement. Whether you are repairing a damaged bathtub or bringing an old one back to life with bathtub reglazing, you will also be helping the environment by keeping your tub out of the landfill. If your shower floor is getting a bit soft, you can count on Armour for reliable shower repairs to prevent further problems.

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Quality Craftsmanship

The Armour Bathtub Refinishing technicians take great pride in their craft. With a steady, delicate hand on the air-brush, an artist’s skill in colour-matching, and the patience to prep the job-area to perfection, when we say “like new” we truly mean it!

We Believe the Customer is Always Right.

The skilled team at Armour Bathtub Refinishing has been in the resurfacing industry for over 35 years, using the finest products in the tub and tile resurfacing industry including Armour-Bond™.

Armour-Bond™ is a finish glaze that is considered the ultimate bathtub refinishing product and is a proven product by contractors and dealers throughout North America. 

The finish produces a thermal bonding that is extremely durable and hard, while at the same time very flexible around wall and drain areas. Our quality finish is chemical resistant, non-porous and has an excellence warranty, the same as a new bathtub from a manufacturer.

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Reduce Cost and Time With Bathtub Reglazing

Armour Bathtub Refinishing knows that the cost of refinishing is considerably less than the cost of replacement. 

Not to mention the added cost of replacing plumbing fixtures, tile walls, wallboard, pipes, tile floors, and subflooring – all of which are damaged during the removal of your bathtub. 

With our refinishing process, you can reduce the cost and time of remodeling significantly!

The skilled team at Armour Bathtub Refinishing has been in the resurfacing industry for over 35 years, using the finest product in the tub and tile resurfacing industry, Armour-Bond™.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality workmanship. It is because of our superior work we can offer a 6-year limited warranty on our bathtub reglazing.

We provide customers with in-home repairs and a free estimate before we start any work. We will inspect your bathroom, evaluate the damage, and provide you with an accurate quote.

  • Tub, Tile & Sink Reglazing
  • Colour Change
  • Cracks & Hole Repairs
  • Fixture Colour Changing
  • Colour Matching
  • Cracks & Holes Mended
  • Soft Bottom Bathtub Repair: If the bottom of your tub or shower is soft underfoot, it will soon lead to leakage, or even greater problems, as the stress will take its toll. A custom fit fiberglass insert will strengthen the bottom of the tub or shower for life! So, whether the leakage has started or not, the good news is that we can fix the problem before or after the damage and save the fixture.
  • Whether your bathtub is fiberglass or porcelain, Armour Bathtub Refinishing provides state of the art slip protection (Skid-Tex) for bathtubs in motels, hotels, hospitals, retirement homes, institutional use, or in the home. The anti-slip surface can be done in undetectable clear finishes or coloured to prevent any worries of slipping.
  • Lead Protection: Ensured A new re-glazing with ARMOUR-BOND™ will shield your family from possible dangerous Lead Oxide impurities that can leak from bathtubs, sinks and tile surfaces that test positive for high levels of lead in your 1995 or older fixtures.

Before and After Photos

Let us transform your sink or tub! Take a look at our before and after photos of sink and bathtub reglazing for happy customers. You can also check out more project photos on our Facebook page.

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